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Monday, March 27, 2006

David Cameron is Right

David Cameron has got a lot of stick for his comments about standing up to big business. If he means what I hope he does though, I am in total agreement. Because big business is populated by a bunch of big state worshipping cretins. If you don't believe me read this.

Monday saw the launch of a new campaign group, Business for New Europe, backed by a range of City luminaries. The organisation, launched on the 20th anniversary of the first reading in the House of Commons of the Single European Act, aims to promote "a positive case for reform in Europe".
They think that just because their narrow interests are helped by destroying our nation, then it must be a good idea. We need to be pro market, not pro business.


Anonymous said...

It's annoying that so many people confuse capitalism with corporatism. Corporatism being an artificial creation of the state, and huge temporal distortion due to their immortality.

Rob Read.

Mike D said...

Yes...interesting who the luminaries are...Niall Fitzgerald (Reuters, but ex-Unilever), the head of the LSE, and someone else.

Corporatists all.

Interesting too to understand that Big Biz attitudes to Europe also depend on the biz- eg multi-national manufacturers (er...Unilever) love it, whereas domestic retailers (eg Dixons) don't...I wonder why?