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Monday, March 27, 2006

Verdict on The Euro

A great piece in the Times about the Euro and the wish of the newer members to join.

For almost anyone who has followed the lamentable failings of the eurozone economy, it may seem remarkable that any more countries should want to throw in their lot with the single currency.
Its a failure they must be mad. But even funnier is that fact that existing members are aghast at the thought of their club growing.
Old Europe” may also fear that widening euro membership might lead to monetary union becoming more of a means to foster economic reform, and less an instrument for political ends.
Funny, I thought that was the whole point (at least thats what Our Dear Leader said) He finishes with the idea that growing the Eurozone would deepen its problems. You know, John Major is disliked in Eurosceptic circles. But he did at least keep us out of this mess.

1 comment:

Mike D said...

I guess if you're a Poland with real interest rates 2% higher than the Euro zone and lower inflation, you say "ship it in".

But rather them than us.

Thank God for Major ,eh.