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Monday, April 30, 2007


Sorry to all you EU haters out there, for my leave of absence. Things got a little crazy in my real life, meaning that I haven't had the time or the inclination to blog. I hope to be back soon.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

UK to be fined £305 million

Don't we just love the Common Agricultural Policy. On its own, its damaging enough, combine it with an incompetent UK government and the results are even worse.

It looks likely that the United Kingdom government has been fined as much as £305 million for its failings in implementing the new Single Payment Scheme of the Common Agricultural Policy.
We couldn't even distribute cash to farmers, and now the EU is to fine us for it. Just one question. Why should we pay the EU for incompetence, surely if anyone deserves this cash, it is the farmers who have been let down.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

EU faces Split

Typical bullying arrogance in this statement by Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Huebner.

The European Union's failure to revive its constitution risks dividing the bloc and undermining the richer old members' willingness to finance development of the poorer newcomers.
Translation: Vote for the treaty or we will stop paying you money. She does offer hope however:
Unless the EU agrees on a treaty to replace the charter rejected by Dutch and French voters in 2005, a group of countries may decide to move ahead with integration faster than others.
Which is fine by me. If they want to push for greater serfdom, let them. Lets break this taboo that we all have to be in the same prison cell.

Note: Ms Huebner is a Pole, who is threatening her own countrymen on behalf of Brussels. Just shows that Brussels makes traitors of them all.

EU Plan to Increase Poverty

The EU wants us all to be poorer, much poorer. So they have come up with a plan to achieve this. Typically they are selling it in a slightly more positive way.

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters on Tuesday that all 27 EU environment ministers backed in principle a proposed unilateral cut in EU emissions of 20 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels.
Interesting that this is being pushed by the Germans. Those of us with a little more memory than a goldfish will be aware that the Germans were responsible for the fiasco that was the launch of emissions trading. They gave their companies too many permits, so that they could export them.

This leads me to believe that nothing will be done to actually cut emissions. I am sure they will find ways of using this declaration to screw us poor serfs though.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wisdom From Daniel Hannan

Read the whole thing, its worth it. For me the stand out however is this:

Which brings us to something that neither side of the debate likes to acknowledge. The bits of the constitution to which people object are, in general, the bits that restate the status quo. Voters are complaining, not about what Brussels proposes to do next, but about what it is doing now.
The truth is that a vast number of people only became aware of certain EU (in)competences when they read about them in the constitution. Because the EU has no reverse gear, Brussels thinks this is irrelevant and Europhiles seem to think that we should simply accept that which has gone before.

Seeing as most of us have never had a vote on anything to do with the EU, their argument is complete bollocks.

Hat Tip: The Devil

Monday, February 19, 2007

Paying for Market Access

This whole logic is baffling me.

The three non-EU members, part of the European Economic Area (EEA), pay annual contributions to the EU in return for access to the bloc's internal market allowing Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to sell their goods and services across the union.
The EU is once again asking non members to cough up, so as to be allowed access to new members Bulgaria & Romania. I know that the EU's foundation is based on this crazy idea, but having to bribe for the right to market access seems completely stupid (as well as immoral) to this extremist free marketeer.

I mean, if a Bulgarian wants to buy salted fish from Norway, why shouldn't he?

This logic is the reason why we need to destroy the EU, not just leave it.

Is My Logic Right ?

The thing I understand from this story is that EU Red Tape costs us 14% of our wealth.

European Union countries on Monday backed moves to slash EU red tape by a quarter from 2012 to boost growth. EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen said cutting the cost of red tape would boost the bloc's growth by the equivalent of 3.5 percent over time.
This benefit comes from cutting a quarter of all red tape. So why not cut it all and get much richer? Probably because the EU would lose its reason for existence. The same goes for all bureaucracies.

I am willing to bet with anyone, that come 2012, the problem, far from being 25% better, will be a lot worse.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Very Big Brother

Be afraid, be very afraid. Big Brother has just got a lot bigger.

Police in European Union countries will be able to access DNA, fingerprint and car registration databases run by other member states under an agreement reached on Thursday.
But those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear right........ Bulls**t. Their good intentions can be assessed by how much further some of them want to go.
They failed to back a proposal to allow police to pursue suspects across national borders.
No doubt that idea will never completely go away. Whats the odds that around 2010, it will be agreed on?

Make Turkish an Official Language

More empty gesture politics that will cost us serfs dearly.

A group of parliamentarians in the European Parliament has proposed the acknowledgement of Turkish as an official language of the European Union, saying this would help improve dialogue with Turkish Cypriots.
For the sake of making a point, they want to add even more to the cost of Babel. Most of the Turkish Cypriots I have met seem more comfortable speaking English than Turkish, a fact that shows this idea in a more realistic light.

Send Um Home

Rare good news from the EU

More than 1,000 British prison places are likely to be vacated after a deal yesterday obliging European countries to take back criminals to serve their sentences at home.
We can finally get rid of other countries scrotes (God knows we have enough of our own). They will of course be free to return the minute their sentences are up, but that is a completely different issue entirely.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

EU Bullying

They are at it again.

The European Commission has warned Switzerland over tax breaks which it offers to companies who have their headquarters there.
Being unreconstructed socialists, the Eu believes that all money belongs to the state, and that what is not taken in tax is the generosity of the state. At least thats what I understand from this.
It added that Switzerland's refusal to change those rules breached a 1972 agreement between the EU and Switzerland not to offer subsidies that affected competition.
Repeat after me.
  • Low tax is not a subsidy, and those who think different are communists.
  • Low tax is not a subsidy, and those who think different are communists.
  • Low tax is not a subsidy, and those who think different are communists.