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Friday, February 16, 2007

Send Um Home

Rare good news from the EU

More than 1,000 British prison places are likely to be vacated after a deal yesterday obliging European countries to take back criminals to serve their sentences at home.
We can finally get rid of other countries scrotes (God knows we have enough of our own). They will of course be free to return the minute their sentences are up, but that is a completely different issue entirely.


S B said...

They're actually letting us get rid of them?? They must have woken up in a good mood that day!!

Steven Bainbridge
A View from the Right

Old BE said...

Won't we end up with more prisoners because there are surely more British criminals in other EU countries than there are foreign ones in the UK?

That's because other countries are better at catching people + Brits are more criminally minded!

Anonymous said...

Brits are more Criminally Minded.....

You have been Brainwashed,

Think about it, what Do our Media Show month after Month after Month....Ian Huntley, Fred West, Beverly Allet, the Dunblane Massacre, the Black Panther Murders, the Stephen Lawrence Murder, Dr Shipman Peter Sutcliffe, Damiola Taylor, Chris Langham, MichaelBarrymore, the Guy in the Portugal Maddelaine case, Notice the Link...that's right, ALL AngloSaxon British Murderers, that's all our Govt and Press report. Want to know what the real cause of crime is in the UK.
Week after week, month adter month, year afer year...pretty soon you begin to believe it..don't you..

Welcome to the real world, the world your Govt and the Media hides from you...

Now email and Blog these links to let People know what is really happening to our country...
because they too ar being brainwashed...

Here's the Mets 12 Most wanted list..Remember I didn't compile this list, the Police did

Here's their 15 Most wanted

Yet More.

Here's west Midlands most wanted.

We never see these in our National News Either.

Dump those anti British Newspapers.
Hit them where it hurts.