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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

EU Plan to Increase Poverty

The EU wants us all to be poorer, much poorer. So they have come up with a plan to achieve this. Typically they are selling it in a slightly more positive way.

German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters on Tuesday that all 27 EU environment ministers backed in principle a proposed unilateral cut in EU emissions of 20 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels.
Interesting that this is being pushed by the Germans. Those of us with a little more memory than a goldfish will be aware that the Germans were responsible for the fiasco that was the launch of emissions trading. They gave their companies too many permits, so that they could export them.

This leads me to believe that nothing will be done to actually cut emissions. I am sure they will find ways of using this declaration to screw us poor serfs though.


Anonymous said...

German politicians are now talking about CO2 emission trading for airplanes. That would help Lufthansa which seems to have the newest airplanes and is likely to hurt its cheaper competitors such as Ryanair. The result will be higher air fares which will all make poorer except the politicians whose flights are paied by the tax payer.

Hercé said...

Colin - Ryanair has one of the newest fleets around. The company -led by the controversial but undoubtedly visionary Michael O'Leary - has had a policy of carrying quite a lot of cash on its balance sheet and using it at times when it feels it can get good deals on new planes.

EU Serf - Germany, along with other member states, determinedly forced the European Commission to abandon plans for making the targets for CO2 emission cuts binding. Therefore, while you are probably right in saying that the targets will not be met, you are entirely wrong to presume that the Germans are pushing plans to make everybody poorer (did you read the Stern Report incidentally?). In fact the German Commission, Gunther Verheugen, has been fighting a battle within the Commission to try to relax some of the targets, for the car industry in particular. German car makers produce those gas guzzling SUVs in huge numbers and would probably lose out. The French car makers on the other hand still major in the production of clios and the like and the French are less concerned about car emissions as a result.

Anonymous said...

How is supporting global warming is now euro skeptic.

Anonymous said...

The New World Order for Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.