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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

EU faces Split

Typical bullying arrogance in this statement by Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Huebner.

The European Union's failure to revive its constitution risks dividing the bloc and undermining the richer old members' willingness to finance development of the poorer newcomers.
Translation: Vote for the treaty or we will stop paying you money. She does offer hope however:
Unless the EU agrees on a treaty to replace the charter rejected by Dutch and French voters in 2005, a group of countries may decide to move ahead with integration faster than others.
Which is fine by me. If they want to push for greater serfdom, let them. Lets break this taboo that we all have to be in the same prison cell.

Note: Ms Huebner is a Pole, who is threatening her own countrymen on behalf of Brussels. Just shows that Brussels makes traitors of them all.


The Leadership Blogger said...

We've had this "fast track" and "core group" nonsense before. A lot od serfs would far rather not be in that fast track - no threat!

Anonymous said...

I love your comment heading Serf...EU faces Split

I couldn't help thinking of mandelson...all them EU arses to be little time.

James Higham said...

You do a sterling job, Serf but as I've opined before - you don't go far enough. My friend yesterday asked: "Why do they wish to push Europe into Euro-Serfdom?" I gave him the answer and pointed him to some reasoning for it. He then said: "But that's madness. No rational being would do such a thing. It inevitably implodes on themselves." To which the only reply was: "No, you're right. No rational being would."

FranceSucks said...

Two tier system? You mean one group whose polits have sold out their voters sovreignty to Brussels and the other tier who have retained it? Wait until the fundies from the Catholic south come after Dutch euthanasia laws. This WILL be the end of the EU.

Hercé said...

quick question: how is huebner threatening her own people? she is saying that the richer countries of western europe should help to finance the economic catch-up of the countries of eastern europe, of which Poland is one the last time i checked.

i don't want to appear the smart arse but encouraging the economic development of eastern european countries would appear to be in everyones interest. remember the marshall plan post-war? the US (and i presume that the author of this blog and most of the comment makers are fervent atlanticists) recognised that without wealthy trading partners in europe it could forget its own prosperity. Granted the parallels are not exact but the general theory remains a good one, n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Herce read line#6 ..

Hercé said...

still don't really see it but willing to admit that i am probably missing something.

Prodicus said...

I don't mind sticking my hand in my pocket to help poorer neighbours and thus reduce neighbourhood tensions. I do bloody mind being told (in my own house) what to think and how to live by a bunch of unelected tossers who live up the road, don't give a fart what I think and daren't ask me lest I say piss off - and so take the easier option of sticking their hands in said pocket.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong on this...I wont go into the Police state argument since most people already know this is happening..

but I sense that we are also moving to sharia Law...

Our Christian Base is under attack in Europe..
So we will be under the Dual Jackboot of the EU Communists AND Sharia Law.....I will lesve the readrer to find out how Islam treats Christians..
For example the smoking ban was the fist step in emptying the Pubs..they are now starting to aggressively attack alcohol..
Our Govt are ilegally surrendering our Country to a foreign power, placing us under the Dual repression of a Police state and Sharia Law. As you can see above, It is not even theirs to give away, the Country belongs to the People.

That's right, the Land our Forefathers fought for through the Millenia, the Land your fathers & Grandfathers fought and died for on Normandy's beaches and throughout Europe during WW2 to protect and preserve for us and our children secretly being surrendered.

How are Britain's ( and Europes ) Institutions and Peoples Demoralised, Smashed then Taken Over..

Frankfurt Subversion is a Marxist technique of Subverting a country, in order that it may be made to collapse and then be taken over. Karl Marx was of Russian Jewish Descent.
Frankfurt Subversion It is a strategy largely based on the tactics of divide and conquer.
One of the original aims of Communism was to unify Europe with the USSR, when the Soviet Union was 'brought down, they simply carried on a Multifaceted attack against the West.
Frankfurt subversion attacks a country's Major strengths, Its Major Industries, its industries, its menfolk, its police, its armed services, its religion, creating a spiritual vaccuum, and its family unity, actively promoting unmarried parenting.
The promotion of Feminism, Homosexuality in society ( even in our schools ), the demonisation of the church,repeated accusations of Paedophilia against Clergy, Divisive issues like Women clergy, Homosexual clergy. all to cause divisions within the church ( and Only the Christian Church you will note ) and its followers.
Destroying our Christian Heritage, to be replaced by islam, the smoking ban for example was designed to empty the Pubs, they will now begin to slowly prohibit alcohol altogether.
The nuclear family is attacked by promoting radical feminism, single parents, demonisation of fathers, seperating children from their fathers.
Diluting of National Identity by flooding the country with Mass Immigration enticed by generous housing and welfare Whilst at the same time, Govt Medical advisors suggest Women in Britain should continue taking the Pill because it may ward off Cancer, it doesn't and totally ignoring increased risks of heart related problems.
In addition 1 in 5 Pregnancies in this country end up being aborted.
This is Social Engineering. Encourage the Supression of British birth rates, and flooding the country with Imported Europeans
Who have little or no interest in Britians history, culture, In short, in order to Create the EU Soviet empire, the British ( and European ) Peoples are being replaced, exterminated.
Ask yourself, If we ever needed more People, why not give that generous welfare to British couples to have more children.
Another way in which the Govt undermines our Society is by Prohibiting parents and teachers from disciplining children then later on, promoting 24 hr drinking, relaxing drug laws.
Then deliberately withddrawing the Police off the streets through unecessesary paperwork, and or replacing them with innefectual PCSO's.

Later accusing society of ithese failings. lack of law and order no religion then sugesting we should adopt Islamic Principles.
This is called Social Engineering and is already happening in the UK.
FrankFurt Subversion on Wikipedia
UNLIMITED MUSLIM PASSAGE TO THE UK and the Europeans FORCED to respect the Religion.

Europe Sold out for oil

Sharia law spreading in the UK.

Dutch and Swedish Ministers admitting Islam is to be the Dominant Culture.

Into the fragmented vacuum of our Nations subverted spirituality Sharia Law Is Spreading.

British School Children converted to Islam, making Islamic Affirmations to Allah in school.

Conversion to Islam? Are Muslim children forced to pray to God ( Would Muslims be forced to pray to God )

British Children told in school they Must avert their eyes, ( already telling them they are second class citizens ).

Criminalising British children as young as three yrs of age.


Genital Mutilation, up to 60,000 a year in the UK

Goodbye Sweden

GoodBye France, Frances unreported race riots lasted a WHOLE YEAR, on average 112 Cars torched PER DAY.

Tell me I'm wrong....

Anonymous said...

The New World Order for Dummies.

What Jaq boots Smithy is really up to with her ID card scheme.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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