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Monday, March 27, 2006

Thou Shalt Buy Non Working Trash

As a long time critic of our Lords and Masters in Brussels, it takes a special story to bring out a big reaction in me. This one had me wanting to roll around on the floor laughing. They really have excelled themselves.

The EU Commission is considering new proposals that would require public procurers to purchase innovative products and services still in need of further research, alongside the more traditional, risk-free approach of buying only established products.
Yes you read that right, require. But why could such an idea be proposed?
such "pre-commercial procurement of innovation" could be an important new driver for research and development in the EU.
Its all part of being dynamic and competitive. The fact that it would increase government spending, (replacement of products that didn't work) is not thought to be a problem. Can you imagine the fun this would create for the IT sector. The government can't get technology to work that has been bought through normal methods. If they have to buy alpha releases of new software, absolutely nothing would work. (On second thoughts maybe its a good idea)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I say we form a company now to create useless products "in need of further research" in order to meet this burgeoning new demand.

Brussels, can I interest you in a piece of twisted metal? I believe that, with further research, I could transform it into a faster-than-light craft.

Reward failure, that's the ticket. Keep it up, Europe, and soon Africa will be holding concerts to raise money for you.