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Monday, February 12, 2007

We can't Protect our Farms

The UK farming lobby, has long had an ambiguous relationship with the EU. Recipients of massive amounts of cash they are at the same time squeezed by quotas and bothered by petty rules. Now they have something else to worry about.

The Government was yesterday forced to defend its decision not to ban imports of turkey from Hungary as farmers' leaders demanded an urgent review of the movement of meat into Britain. David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, said Britain was powerless to block imports under European law, despite concerns that the infection could have reached the UK from Eastern Europe.
Such a decision could only be taken at EU level, and no doubt Hungarian Ministers would not be in favour.

Which illustrates a point very neatly. Where cross border cooperation is needed, the EU structures actually encourage selfishness, undermining the very basis for its existence.


The Leadership Blogger said...

I remember the Government blaming the EU for the slaughter policy during FMD, and it was a week or more before they admitted actually vacination was allowed. But they wouldn't do it. So they pass the blame when it suits them. This time they blamed the EU for not stopping meat imports. They are onto a winer - even if it is shown to be NOT aganst EU regulations, the public will blame the EU. The trouble is the public don't realise the extent to which the EU is really to blame - on this case by repacing a previously excellent UK food safety regime with an idiotic continetnal model long, long ago.

S B said...

I'm surprised the government are actually admitting they are powerless to do anything here. When the fuel protests were rife in 2000 (?), Gordon Brown 'refused' to lower petrol tax. Of course, he had no choice in the matter. The EU wouldn't let him!

This is yet more evidence that the EU does not serve to better Britain's interests. Today is not a moment too soon to withdraw.

Steven Bainbridge
A View from the Right