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Monday, February 12, 2007

Constitutional Immunity

Whilst the implications are a little scary, its nice to see the reality of the EU painted so starkly.

Le Monde gives prominent coverage to a judgement made yesterday by the Conseil d’Etat – France’s supreme court for administrative justice – which granted European law an effective “constitutional immunity”. This means EU acts transposed in France have legal supremacy, even if they conflict with the French Constitution.
To paraphrase the Quisling Heath, I think the French have given up some essential sovereignty.

Question. Where does the EU get this power from. Surely as members who sign the treaties, we confer power on the EU. This ruling however suggests that the EU just has that power, apparently from nowhere. Just exactly how does that work?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where does the EU get its power from?

From the national politicians. Why do they transfer the power of the national parliament to Brussels?

To make decisions independent of the people's votes.

What is the name for a system where the only function of the people is to obey the orders of their rulers?