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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Smoking is an EU Problem

I could make posts like this every day. Some people think smoking should be restricted, others don't, but that is irrelevant here. Is Smoking an EU issue?

Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said he wanted to turn the entire EU into a smoke-free zone by 2009.
How is this issue even remotely an EU competency. It is something that can easily be argued over at local level, and has no place being discussed at EU level. As I have argued before, when you have so many commissioners, include those (like the health commissioner) whose area of responsibility is almost completely held by national governments, it is no surprise when they try to keep themselves busy. Thus we have streams of directives, concerning things that by any rational assessment are none of Brussels business.


Anonymous said...

A large amount of evidence shows that bureaucracy is dangerous to society's health.

Hence, the best policy for our health would be to turn the entire EU into a bureaucracy-free zone by 2009.


Where is the cherry tree cafe?

FranceSucks said...

Smoking what? Weed is available here although not officially legal. You and we all know the evil EU eye will be on that soon.

Anonymous said...

They just had a report on the radio about the enforcement of anti-smoking laws in France. The most interesting news to me was that 170,000 inspectors are now controlling France for violations of the law.

It's a perfect example for the constant invention of new bureaucracies. High level bureaucrats constantly search for new opportunities to further their chances of becoming the director of an agency, if necessary a new agency. Hence, they always find new worthy causes for regulations such as social justice, migration, discrimination, environment, energy transmission, anti-smoking ..

Bureaucracy is growing like a cancer destroying the healthy parts of society. Nobody has been able to stop it, even not politicians who have tried (e.g. Thatcher and Reagan). The EU is another proof of the constant growth of bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

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