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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Councils Unprepared

Whatever one thinks of immigration, you cannot deny that the flow into the UK over the last few years has been unprecedented. Now it seems that local as well as national public services are straining at the seams.

Many local councils are struggling to cope with the flood of workers from EU accession states such as Poland and Lithuania.
Another example of Tony Blair's joined up government no doubt. Though with these numbers, you can see why we are struggling.
Figures from the Department for Work and Pensions quoted in the report show that 662,000 foreign nationals gained a national insurance number for the first time in 2005/06.
There is no doubt that this massive flow of labour has papered over many of the cracks in Gordon's economic edifice. It has also benefited those who have come here, and the unemployed in the countries they came from. The rest of us? I am not so sure.


CityUnslicker said...

Even on Al-Beebt his morning there was a report of 7,000 Portugese alone having come to Thetford.

Thetford had a population of 22,000 in the 2001 census.

Now the local council is paying £ millions for english lessons for them all.

How is this sustainable upon the native populace, in social, cultural or economic terms?


The English people are the only loosers in this whole affair,it is all very well for joe pole to come here seeking "a better life"but it is at the expense of my job,how can it be economically sound for foreigners to come here,work for half price,and put me on the dole,i have paid my taxes all my life,now i am meerly surplus to requirements,and looking at a wonderfull life of poverty for the rest of it,always assuming that i am not ,knocked down by an illegal foreign driver with no licence,murdered for my pittance of dole,or blown into a million peices by some psychotic ,medieval muslim who thinks his right to my country is greater than mine,meanwhile the sheeple slumber on.

John Page said...

Of course the local authorities are unprepared. No one knows how many people will arrive, or where they will go.

Someone did some numbers recently on the economic benefits of immigration (Migrationwatch?) and they were very marginal.

FranceSucks said...

The first mistake is to hire only people that speak arabic or pashtun to handle your immigration. They do this because that is where the people are coming from. You immediately lose control over your immigration process. My current permit in the Netherlands keeps coming back for more info (now 9 months late and it will expire it 3 months) because I have a muslim handling my case and I am american. Despite being a high value immigrant (in my opinion) I go to the bottom of the pile everytime. This is your reality!

Serf said...

Someone did some numbers recently on the economic benefits of immigration (Migrationwatch?) and they were very marginal.

It was migration watch, and they concluded that they were very small.

However, if you look at who gains and who loses, you will see another more important point. The poor lose, the wealthy gain. Yet most of those who pretend to worry about poverty, are big supporters of immigration.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I think you'd probably find that most of those 'Portugese' are Angolan.