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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hindus Not Happy

Its not just me that is complaining about German attacks on free speech.

Hindus in Europe have joined forces against a German proposal to ban the display of the swastika across the European Union, a Hindu leader said.
The swastika is of course originally a Hindu symbol.

Another example of why freedom is better than statism. A ban directed toward one group, inevitably harms someone else.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Merkel just finished her speech at the EU parliament. The usual blah blah about the creatitivity of Europe because of its diversity and tolerance (in the past) and the need for a constitution because the EU is a peace project etc. Naturally, contradictions are not discussed such as the fact that the creativity of Europeans in the past developed without a superstate. Since politicians are always hiding their intentions behind a smokescreen of catchwords of the day, it is difficult to get an idea about their real plans.

However, her emphasis on Richard Florida's little known thesis "technology, talent and tolerance" as the foundation of economic success for the EU is probably an expression of her true convictions. What does this new guru teach?

In Richard Florida's view, economic development depends on technology and the creative class.

Correct because people get rich by producing and selling advanced technology and stupid people are unable to develop advanced technology.

According to Richard Florida, the creative class consists of artists, musicians, and engineers. However, how would a drastic increase of artists and musicians produce more high tech?

Richard Florida proposes more government spending, i.e. "several orders of magnitude more" on "education", "culture" and "the arts."

In conclusion, Mrs. Merkel seems to have in mind a socialist agenda for the EU.

As Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of Germany, once said "The stupidity of governments should be never underestimated."

AntiCitizenOne said...


The government will only succeed in transferring money from real engineers and real artists (real musicians will continue to use tax avoidance schemes) to well connected and LLL concensus agreeing parasites.

Government is there the KEEP PEOPLE APART not force them together.

Snafu said...

Why is no one calling to ban the hammer and sickle across Europe!?!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, you are right, that's how it is working.


Good question, indeed.

FranceSucks said...

It just boggles my mind that you can be jailed in France, Austria, Belgium and Germany for questioning the "State Approved" version of history. While certainly no denier myself I am starting to believe that the mass gas execution chambers are largely an Allied propaganda myth. The one at Auswitz is actually fabricated based on "eye witness testimony" and of course they neglect to tell you that. The fact that I can be jailed for merely expressing this opinion should sent a chill through anyone willing to give up their freedom of speech and expression to join an EU superstate.

Snafu said...

The biggest wheeze will be when Turkey joins the EU. In Turkey, it's illegal to mention the Armenian genocide whilst in France it's illegal to deny it!

The Leadership Blogger said...

I seem to remember that Richard Florida's book ("little known thesis")lists a lot more than those three occupations. The "Digital and Creative" industries are very wide and also encompass for example, designers, advertising, architecture, and education. Many UK (and EU) regions are adopting strategies to grow this sector. (Why dos the antispam ALWAYS reject the first time I enter the letters? I can't get it wrong EVERY first tiem)

It's nice to see AM has caught up with those of us who read the book when it came out - a good sign at least. BUt it's NOT an excuse or reason for the freaking EU constitution!