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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Health Warning

If you are a reader of the Guardian, following a link from this article, then it is only fair of me to offer a warning. Reading this blog may be bad for your blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I'm not sure but is he lumping you in with the people who look down on 'chavs'?

That doesn't seem to make sense from your post... aren't you on his side, to the extent that you think people see chav's and therefore cheap airlines as easy targets?

The Leadership Blogger said...

>>"fat, ugly, white-trash scum, staggering through the streets, screaming 'En-ger-laaaaand', barfing on cars, pissing on doors, fighting and fucking in the street."<<

I think that's fairly kind to the Falaraki I visited a year or two back when I was staying nearby. It is unfortuately fairly true of large parts of the Costa del Sol as well, and Magaluf is about the same.

Serf said...


I actually mailed him and pointed out that fact. I found it funny that he had used my sarcastic post as a basis for his article.