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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why is AK Party Pro EU

I have mentioned before, here and on other blogs that I think the EU is playing with fire in Turkey. They are helping the Islamist AK Party, to get rid of checks on their power. I am not sure why, but I tend to believe in the idea that, If it can be explained by stupidity, its probably not bad intent. Just a little example of what I mean, can be seen from the following reports. All of these are about the same EU report on Turkey's shortcomings:

The Times: A review of Turkish reforms due out next week will be critical of the state’s continued use of torture and its harassment of writers, according to a draft made public today.
So the issue is freedom of speech.
The Independent: Leaked excerpts from a crucial report, due to be published next week, reveal concerns over Turkey's drive to match European standards on freedom of speech, and highlight its refusal to open up ports to ships from Cyprus, which joined the EU in 2004.
So we can add the Cyprus issue.
Deutsche Welle The report will focus on the slowdown of political reforms since Turkey began accession negotiations last October. It will highlight the continued persecution of intellectuals and journalists for expressing views which are non-violent, but displeasing to the government in Ankara.
They agree with The Times.
Zaman Newspaper: EU criticism in the report included the Turkish Armed Forces’ continuing interfere in domestic and foreign policies, the Kurdish problem, the relationship between the state and religion, and continuing restrictions over freedom of speech.
Only Zaman has a different take on it. The put the Turkish Armed Forces’ continuing interfere in domestic and foreign policies as point number one. The others didn't even mention it. I am not saying that its not there (I haven't seen the report) , its just interesting the focus that different publications take. I wonder why?

Just so you know what I am talking about Zaman is a strong supporter of AK Party, whose pro EU interests are merely a cover for getting the Army off their backs. In 20 years time Turkey will be an Islamic country and the EU will be partly to blame.


James Higham said...

There's a very strong secular, pro-business drive behind Turkey's movers and shakers. We have these guys over here all the time. It will be difficult for Sharia to assert control. The TAF - that's another question.

Serf said...

But like businessmen everywhere, they rarely stick their heads out. They need good relations with the government now, tomorrow can look after itself.

Stan Bull said...

The TAF are getting increasingly restive. They are not going to submit easily or willingly to the idea of Erdogan as President. James, the business community is being increasingly penetrated by Islamists as is almost every secor of society. The current generation of Islamists are currently on a slow march through the institutions of the state and economy.