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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who is Advising Ed Balls

I have just read one of the most stupid comments by Labour MP Ed Balls

In David Cameron we have the most anti-European Tory leader they have ever had,'' Balls said in a speech in London today. ``You cannot stand up for British interests by leaving the table, rejecting international collective responsibility, and withdrawing to the anti-European and extremist fringe.''
Whilst David Cameron has being wowing middle England, knuckle draggers like myself are finding it hard at times to bite our tongues. Is David really a Conservative? This means that at the next election, many right wingers might vote UKIP or not at all.

So along comes that man Balls to the rescue. The only people frightened by a "Anti European" Cameron, are loonies who wouldn't vote Tory anyway. As for people that Cameron risks loosing, statements like these might keep more of them on board.


Prodicus said...

If only he wasn't Balls by nature, though. I'd love to believe his analysis of Cameron.

James Higham said...

Do you mean 'loosing', as in setting free, such as a wild animal or 'losing', as in 'I had them and then lost them?'

The Leadership Blogger said...

Frankly, anything that Balls is against, I'm probably for. POliical parties really never seem to learn to gag the ones who do the most damage when supposedly working for them. Like TB.

Anonymous said...

If Cameroonz a euro-sceptic, I'm a Chinaman.

Anonymous said...

If you're a Chinaman, Jeremycj - what's Balls? talking balls? Why would a half educated oaf like Balls do that? Maybe he's seen Gordon Brown getting away with it for over a decade, so he thought he'd have a go.

It would be the easiest thing for Cameron to do to go along and have lunch with Rupert Murdoch, fly over and shake hands with Merkel or Sarkozy, and join Hague in the Bildeberg Group. But no, he's a eurosceptic, playing Cultural Marxist for the media. You'd betta believe it. It's the greatest con show in town, and you're missing it.