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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Impartial Wisdom

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is worried about the future of energy supply to the EU. So he thought he would share his wisdom on what should be done about it.

"It is in the interests of EU to build a close economic and political partnership with Russia," said Schroeder, .... Russia "is a huge market for the countries like France and Germany," and "the Europe needs the gas," Schroeder said.
Its nice to benefit from the impartial wisdom of a man of Gerhard's undoubted experience. We shall therefore stop worrying about the fact that with each passing day, Putin looks more and more dictatorial. We shall stop fretting about being completely dependent on a large, ill mannered, bad intentioned neighbour for our energy needs, not to mention the company that sells us the gas is allegedly a world champion in corruption and abuse of power.

But wait a minute. Perhaps the estemmed ex Chancellor has another reason for his pro Russian thoughts.


James Higham said...

Serf, as one who lives over in the land of Putin, he is not seen as anywhere near as dictatorial as the west portrays. Khodokorski was a case in point. There is now quite sound evidence he was going the way of Berezovski. This is a country which can go lawless at any time and needs firm action. He has already indicated he won't accept a third term. As for Schroeder, the baby issue is the biggie, one I posted on long ago.

Serf said...

What's the baby issue?