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Monday, October 02, 2006

Free Movement of People

Within reason, I am in favour of freedom of movement. This is not within reason.

POLICE made a series of mistakes in the case of a beautician shot dead by her stalker at Harvey Nichols in London.
They were not the only ones. There should be a measure of quality control whe it comes to who we allow in and whether they can stay. Unfortunately EU rules don't permit such "discrimination".


Anonymous said...

Presumably they have to take our criminals as well. Are we somehow taking more than our fair share of criminals? I haven't seen any evidence of this but if we are then perhaps we should ask what it is that makes us more atractive to criminals. If not then why divert resources to something that will not actually reduce crime?

Anonymous said...

OT: Did you know that the EU will buy the Strasbourg 'home' of the parliament?

Snafu said...

It makes you wonder what papers the Police ever shuffle! "It found that although the officer in charge of Miss Bernal’s case was required to make a full assessment of the risk Pech posed, no record was ever made of one being carried out."

Unfortunately, 'mere' threats to kill do not lead to life imprisonment so Clare would not have been protected.