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Monday, September 25, 2006

CAP Reform

Now I am sure that you, like me, were under the impression that efforts were under way to decrease the cost of the Common Agricultural Policy, am spend the money on other priorities. You would be wrong.

The European Commission has released new figures showing that Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) spending jumped to a record €48.5 billion in 2005, up 11.2% over the previous year. By contrast, non-agricultural expenditure fell very slightly in 2005 to €56.3 billion.
So we continue to be screwed, at record levels, for something that is unneccesary, damages the environment and makes poverty worse in the third world.


James Higham said...

Serf, I can't find one thing to disagree with in what you say but you didn't answer my previous question - what can be done about it?

Anonymous said...

Well the French take 60% of the TOTAL of CAP, so as long as those self-serving bastards are in charge, nothing will change. Without the corrupt, greedy and arrogant French the EU would probably work as it should, and certainly the CAP would be scrapped.

Serf said...


I don't know. The reason I started blogging in the first place was because I got sick of wanting to strangle the TV / Computer screen, and I wanted my voice heard.

I am registered with just about every anti EU group out there. But until we get the argument across to the general public, we are going to carry on losing.

Maybe we can start a petition on the Justice issue.

Anonymous said...

CAP spending is set to go up in the next few years, so I hear, thanks to Tony Blair's unwillingness to stand up to the French.

With the European economic position in the world set to decrease yet further in importance, ever more remote and ever more corrupt political management, and with a British people sick of Europe and looking to their Anglophone cousins across the world, the question on whether we should remain within the EU is set to grow ever greater in national importance.