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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eat Less Fish

For decades, European fishing fleets have been subsidised to the hilt, enabling them to destroy the entire marine ecosystem. The Common Fisheries Policy is a classic case of the tragedy of the commons.

So, if we want the stocks of fish to be replenished, we just stop the subsidies and find a way to allocate ownership right? Not according to these chaps.

The conservation group WWF is calling on European consumers to think twice before they eat fish.
So now we consumers are to blame for the stupid and wasteful way in which the fishing industry is managed and we are to be punished for it, by not being allowed to eat fish.


James Higham said...

You have an uncanny way of cutting to the chase. The fishing was a big issue where I lived in the north and the friggin EU were always trying to impose quotas on us but not on themselves. May they all drown in a vat of Malmsey.

Anonymous said...

I second that.

Rod The Brit