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Monday, June 05, 2006

What's it to You?

Compromise is apparently not possible over the issue of working hours.

London together with several "new" member states resisted attempts to remove the opt-out from the directive, while states like France and Sweden pressed for it to be scrapped.
The only rational response to the scrap is......What the hell do Sweden and France think they are trying to achieve? Why should such a decision be made at a European Level, and why do they care so much?

1 comment:

Tom Paine said...

I guess they think it's all about a "level playing field". If they limit the working hours of their workers and ours can continue to work longer, their costs will be higher and they will be less able to compete in the single market.

All that assumes that the EU is able to erect a fence to keep out the rest of the world, which is of course the main fallacy. It is a racist conspiracy by the nations of the Old World to deny the Third World its chances of economic development.

A friend of mine said that "the 20th Century is a history of failed attempts to repeal the laws of supply and demand". The EU is carrying those attempts on into the 21st!