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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Angela & Jacques Show

It doesn't matter who the individuals are and it matters not a jot what they say about their relationship with other countries. The German Chancellor and French President always see each other as the really important partner. Angela & Jacques are no different.

The leaders of France and Germany have agreed a new timetable for trying to revive the EU constitution setting 2008 as the year when decisions on the document should be taken.
They make their minds up and then try to strong arm everyone else into their plan. A bit like the CAP agreement.
At the informal bilateral meeting in Rheinsberg castle near Berlin on Tuesday, chancellor Angela Merkel said ""A functioning Europe needs this [constitutional] treaty"
Note to all those talking up Ms Merkel. She is wants to reform the EU so as to stop it crumbling. She is like Gorbachov in that respect and we should not be surprised when she makes statements supporting further integration. Nothing will ever shake this partnership and spending political capital to try is a complete waste of time.

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