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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Little Red Book

Its out.

The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze is now in the shops, go out and buy one. It is a collaborative effort written by bloggers, detailing major sleaze and scandal in The New Labour Government. I contributed 1% of the book.

To find out more, it has its own website.


Ross said...

Which one did you do?

AntiCitizenOne said...

I found this on the Biased-BBC weblog comment section.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU proposals to regulate content on the Internet are aimed at protecting society not undermining free speech, European Union Media Commissioner Viviane Reding said on Thursday.

Reding spoke at a news conference after a group of European Union culture ministers met to discuss extending rules restricting television content to cover telephones and the Internet as well as over-the-air broadcasts.

She said the proposed regulations reflected "basic societal values" -- the protection of young children and restrictions on incitement to hatred.

She said there is wide agreement on the restrictions against content that "goes too far and ... destroys our society."

"That has nothing to do with free speech, that has to do with the freedom to protect your society on the basis of laws which have been accepted by national and European parliament," she said.

She and others said it will take years to reach agreement.
The big question is: Who will they target with these laws? Islamist or critics of Islam? Pro-EU people or those of us who are wary of and against the EU? I guess I've got an idea - this is a very dangerous development if you ask me. (The story comes courtesy of Politically Incorrect Weblog)
disillusioned_german | 23.05.06 - 9:31 pm | #

Is there anything to these plans to outlaw free expression? If so we really are far down "the road"...

Serf said...

Which one did you do?

You'll have to buy the book to find out.

Chris Palmer said...

You were sneaky weren't you serf, and didn't even use your real name.

Serf said...

and didn't even use your real name.

But of course not, otherwise Europol would get me :)