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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

EU Generosity

One of the gripes of Eurosceptics such as myself, is that when the EU is kind enough to give a little of our cash back, they make a huge song and dance about it. Like This:

KELVINGROVE Museum and Art Gallery was yesterday announced as one of the main beneficiaries of an £11 million European funding package aimed at promoting visitor attractions in the west of Scotland.
Which is nice. I have heard that Kelvingrove Museum is a very important one, so I don't begrudge them the cash. However, how important is this cash?
The £180,000 award to the museum would help Glasgow City Council to promote it on the international stage when it opens its doors again in July, following a £27 million, three-year refurbishment.
Yes that's less than one percent, and in return, the project will have EU flags flying all over it in exchange.

In total £11 Million is peanuts anyway. The English Taxpayer, subsidises the Scots to the tune of £19 Million per day and the media says nothing about it. We don't demand that they fly our flag either.

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