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Monday, April 24, 2006

Finns Want a Referendum

According to Polls, most Finns want to be asked about the EU Constitution.

According to a poll commissioned by the Sunnuntaisuomalainen Sunday supplement of Väli-Suomen sanomalehdet, a group of provincial newspapers, 57 per cent of respondents wanted a referendum on the EU draft constitution before it was brought before the Finnish Parliament.
Good for them. The reason I want to see referendums in all countries (even Europhile ones) is that the EU has only lasted this long, due to the lack of debate. The more debate, the faster Euroscepticism will grow.

1 comment:

Ellee Seymour said...

Could I suggest you conduct your own poll, as I always do.

Ask the person you are standing next to in any queue, what do they know about the European Constitution, it's really fun, I've yet to meet anyone who knows anything about it.

Then explain it to them and ask for their views, they will be clueless.