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Monday, April 24, 2006

Euro Myths

The favourite subject of Europhiles everywhere, is Euro Myths. Eluned Morgan MEP is no exception.

Mrs Morgan said, "Some of the stories make me laugh frankly because they are so over the top, and sometimes you have to give these people credit for being so creative. "There was one recently where it said the European Commission was going to standardise the size of condoms and everyone was saying they wouldn't be big enough for British assets. "But it's just titillation fuelled by newspapers. Most of the Euromyths are either pure imagination or massive exaggeration. They're spread to make the EU appear sinister or silly."
This is what masquerades as an argument in Federast circles. Sometimes, some eurosceptics indulge in exaggeration in order to make people take notice.

So what. Isn’t the EU itself built on an exaggerated fear of German invasion and sustained by a completely erroneous belief that all our jobs depend on it?

What the federasts fail to do is to address the real EU issues, like a run away budget, an evil agricultural policy or the unnecessary loss of our nation. Instead they prefer to repeat ad nauseum, myths that they claim have been disproved.

Their attempts at positive argument are even worse though, try this:

Also the people writing the legislation are Brussels administrators who are being driven by consumer demands. It's about protecting the consumer.
Protecting the consumer from their own elected representatives no doubt? Because if the Brussels gravy train did not exist, such laws could anyway be passed at Westminster.


Anonymous said...

Serf, I am always impressed by how reasonable you manage to remain in the face of this sort of thing. I tend to get so angered by EU-fanatics' stupidity and ignorance that I can hardly put a coherent sentence together. The fact is, one almost never sees any decent argument in favour of the EU, and I reached the conclusion some years ago that many of those in favour are either stupid or mentally immature. The trouble with this as a conclusion is that one can't mention it, as it makes one's position sound too harsh and arrogant; so instead one has to be polite, treat Europhiliac views with a respect they generally don't deserve (as most of them are incoherent, self-contradictory or delusional), and advance reasoned arguments against them. Whereupon, of course, the EU-fanatics generally fail to understand the arguments, misrepresent them in an absurd fashion, and resort to abuse and name-calling whilst simply repeating what they said before - and then one wonders why one bothered being reasonable. The use of reasoned, logical argument may be one of mankind's hightest achievements, but unfortunately it is useless when one of the parties to the 'debate' is either a religious (or other) fanatic, or has an immature, adolescent level of understanding and knowledge.

Deckchair of Despair

Serf said...

One of the reasons that I decided to start this blog, was the fact that the Eurosceptic movement seem to have a surplus of foaming at the mouth.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand where they are coming from, I just don't think it helps much.

The only thing that will win it for our side is to make people see that being anti EU is reasonable and logical.

For that reason I choose to keep my cool most of the time.

Anonymous said...

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