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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Perfect Partners

Some of you are aware that I am a Conservative. As such my party is in the uncomfortable position of effectively being part of The European People’s Party. David Cameron is committed to an amicable divorce, but the process drags on. So why do I say uncomfortable? What about this:

The centre-right European People's Party (EPP) will at its congress next week call for the "implementation" of the EU constitution.
You can see how well The Conservative Party’s engagement with these nutters is working to give us influence. No? Even among full members of the Federast crew however, there is disagreement.
The Spanish PP has proposed a passage in the EPP manifesto saying that "The EPP believes that any attempt to enforce the constitutional treaty by instalments would be a fraud not only to the Dutch and French electorate but to all European citizens." The Dutch Christian Democrats (CDA) have issued an amendment proposing to scrap a passage that says "the EPP proposes that the process leading to the ratification of a European Constitutional treaty should be continued after the period of reflection, taking full account of the outcome of this period."
Despite glimmerings of reasonableness from The Spaniards and Dutch, the sooner we get out of this grouping the better. Perfect Partner they are not.


Anonymous said...

Chirac's toys go out the pram:

Anonymous said...

If they genuinely believe that in the long-term then they will surely join the British Conservatives' new group.

Serf said...


My thoughts exactly.