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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Don’t Give Them an Inch

I have often wondered about the people who campaign for things like the metric system. I would personally never think of campaigning for the imperial system. I totally support the spirit of the metric martyrs; theirs was a campaign for the freedom to choose. But believe it or not, there is such a thing as The UK Metric Association, which campaigns for total metrification of the UK. Message to all of them: get a girlfriend, take up a hobby, jump off a cliff or just take Valium. Why waste your lives on such a pointless issue? Now they have released a report saying “Britain should set an early date for converting its road signs from miles to kilometres” The Reason?

The imperial signs are a "confusing" exception as most of the UK officially operates in metric measures, it claims.
They don’t think that millions of motorists might find road signs in a measurement they are not used to more confusing? Or do they really think that motorists are now so used to buying butter by the 500g that they will adapt to Kilometres like a CAP subsidised Duck (Raised indoors of course) to water? The former Eurosceptic, but current EU mercenary Kinnock is quick to jump on the band wagon. (Where he was joined by a Conservative Dead Sheep).
Ex-Labour leader Lord Kinnock, who is backing the report, says the UK's imperial signs contradict its modern image. "They contradict the image - and the reality - of our country as a modern, multicultural, dynamic place where the past is valued and respected and the future is approached with creativity and confidence."
Even by EU standards that’s a pretty pathetic argument. It is however perfectly within the normal socialist worship of the concept “Modern”. Modern meaning in this context anything that irritates normal people or is socialist in its philosophy. The funny thing about all this is that it is EU inspired. Those worthless people beavering away in Brussels on more ways to make our lives difficult, are actually insulted by the thought that we drink pints and travel at miles per hour. They are so wrapped up in their authoritarian ways that they actually think it is their duty to change us. Pathetic isn’t it. In fact, its so "sodden blanket, water is dripping all over the floor, wet", that even The Guardian is taking the piss.
It is not necessary to invoke the searing Eminem movie 13.54 kilometres, nor the awe-inspiring jazz trumpeting of Kilometres Davis, nor the fine Proclaimers' song I'm Gonna Be (804.67 kilometres), to argue that if we were the UK Metric Association, we wouldn't start from here.
What can I add to the wisdom of The Guardian? (Never thought you'd read that did you?)

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