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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Polish Plumber

The French are ignorant and Xenophobic according to a new report.
French panic about cheap labour from the East is based on "scaremongering" and myths, according to the first study of the phenomenon since eight ex-Communist states joined the Union last year.
They are harming their own economy in the process.
France, could learn from the example of Britain, where an influx of 100,000 Poles has only fuelled growth, the MEPs said.
Which demonstrates how clueless these MEP’s are. Britain’s economy is growing and unemployment is low. Therefore addition of workers will fuel that growth. France on the other hand is a country where only the foolhardy actually want to employ anyone. So if the Poles made their way to France they would fail to find jobs. So whilst ideally the French would reform their economy and open their doors to the Poles, unless they do the first, the second would bring them no benefit at all. Therefore the French public are not a dumb as the MEP's make them out to be.

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