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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No More Cleavage

As if the usual reasons to hate the EU were not enough, they want to ban cleavage on Bavarian Barmaids.
European Union lawmakers clashed Tuesday over proposals for new EU laws to protect workers from sunburn, with critics slamming them as an "absurd" attempt to over-regulate people's lives and defenders pointing out that skin cancer rates had risen sharply in some countries.
The problem is you see that Barmaids working in beer gardens are susceptible to sunburn.
Roger Helmer MEP noted that in Germany media have mocked it because of its effect on Bavarian barmaids' bosoms.
The proposed rules also highlight the idiocy of the EU one rule fits all philosophy.
Hungarian MEP Csaba Ory stressed that EU-wide rules were unworkable, given the different weather across the 25-nation EU. "Clearly there are different levels of sunlight in Sweden and Spain, in Greece and Germany," he said.
Its hard to believe that such stupid ideas have any supporters whatsoever. This being the EU, they will probably be law quite soon.

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