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Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Blog

There is a new Eurosceptic blog in town. The Tap

My Argument in a Nutshell

Timothy Garton Ash is one of those completely deranged people that fawn non stop over the European Union. He is more in love with it that Ken Clarke. So I was interested to see that in his latest piece he successfully showed why I hate the EU so much.

Take the list of things that many Europeans consider to be most characteristic of us - by contrast with the United States. We Europeans believe that the free market should be tamed by values of social justice, solidarity and inclusiveness, realised through a strong welfare state. We don't have capital punishment. We believe that military force should only be used as a last resort and with the sanction of international law. We support international organisations. We love multilateralism and abhor unilateralism. We tend to think that men and women should be able to live more or less as they please with whomever they please, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. We pride ourselves on our diversity.
Lets look at those carefully.
  1. Social justice, solidarity and inclusiveness are code word for screwing the taxpayer so that lefties can get useless jobs in the public sector.
  2. A strong welfare state, is the root of all evil
  3. We don't have capital punishment, but we have hordes of evil bastards that deserve the chop.
  4. Military force should only be used as a last resort and with the sanction of international law, equals, lets give China and Russia a veto over national interest.
  5. We love multilateralism and abhor unilateralism, which is why we do nothing but talk
  6. We tend to think that men and women should be able to live more or less as they please, which is why we have created tens of thousands of regulations to ensure that they don't stray from the prescribed path
  7. We pride ourselves on our diversity, except diversity of opinion.
You can take you horrible lefty vision and stuff it. I want to live in a free society where those in power are truly accountable to the people they lord it over. Where the government does as little as possible and individuals are free to choose their own way of life. However until we completely destroy the EU and the Marxist philosophy that runs it, I cannot see that happening.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Safety of Citizens at Risk

And only the EU can save them......

Franco Frattini, the EU commissioner for justice, freedom and security, is expected to urge governments to end the "stalemate" caused by the need to vote unanimously on areas such as Europe-wide investigations, the "hot pursuit" of criminals across frontiers and the rights of foreign criminal suspects.
Only then can the safety of European's be guaranteed. We would be foolhardy not to listen to him.

On the other hand, it could just be a power grab?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brown Pick a Losing Battle

Gordon the thief, is trying to improve his image prior to his coronation. His latest gimmick is to play tough on the EU, and try to undo the "deal" that Our Dear Leader made over the budget.

Gordon Brown has launched an extraordinary attempt to claw back almost £100 million a year for Britain from a European Union budget deal struck last year by Tony Blair.
He knows he will lose, but wants to look tough and eurosceptic. As a Briton far greater than he might have said, Full of sound and fury, signifiying nothing.

Good Intensive Care

Austria's presidency has been praised by the Finns:

Speaking in Vienna on Monday, Finland's President Halonen praised Austria for its success in keeping the EU constitution alive during its chairmanship of the EU presidency.
On life support of course. It would have been kinder to pull the plug.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Green Calling

Following on from the hyperbole of the week, I thought this report was interesting:

The new annual report on the EU's greenhouse gas emissions published on 22 June by the European Environment Agency showed an increase of 0.4%, following an increase by 1.5% in the previous year.
That wonderful EU that we need to be able to save the planet is at best irrelevant.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hyperbole of The Year

The following is a quote from David Miliband and Geoff Hoon

Global problems demand global policies. For Britain, that overwhelmingly means co-operation in the European Union, which - without exaggeration - could be as important to the environment in the first half of the 21st century as it was to peace in the second half of the 20th.
Assume if you will that the EU had anything to do with peace in the 20th century. What of the second part of their claim: Also from the Guardian (in 2003):
Margot Wallstrom, the EU's environment commissioner, warned that the EU's own efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions were in crisis. Ms Wallstrom said that only two countries, Sweden and the UK, were on track to meet the EU's target of cutting 1990 greenhouse emissions by 8% before 2010 and that 13 of the EU's 15 member states would easily miss that goal.
So not so good so far. How about the EU's agricultural policy?
The negative impacts of intensive farming practices have led to an impoverished countryside, polluted water systems and an increase in greenhouse gases.
Then of course there is the Common Fisheries Policy. (ppt)
  • 70% of the main commercial fish stocks in EU waters are considered heavily overfished.
  • Numbers of large, mature fish capable of spawning in EU waters fell nearly 75% between 1995-1999.
  • More than 928 million juvenile plaice are discarded annually in EU waters – nearly 18 million euros in lost value.
  • 89% of hammerhead sharks have disappeared in the Northeast Atlantic in the last 18 years as a result of bycatch.
  • NE Atlantic contains nearly half of the 20 most wasteful fisheries globally.
Meanwhile the EU continues to subsidise the replacement of fishing vessels.

I could go on. The Three most important cross border environmental issues are protection of habitats, protection of migratory species and reduction of pollutants. In all three cases the EU's policies are useless or even counter productive. So there is no merit in the EU helps the environment argument.

EU Benefits

On a previous post, an anonymous commenter asked pro-EU commenter Gary Elsby to name the benefits we get from EU membership. I am publishing his reply, along with my thoughts on the points. His answers are in Bold. EU Benefits

  • Stable economy: Notice that EU members range from sick man of Europe, Italy to overheated Tiger, Ireland. Stable is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Stable currency: Stable versus what? When the Euro was launched, it was seen as under valued whereas now it is seen as over valued. The one thing we do know about its value, is that it is "wrong" for just about everyone. One size does not fit all.
  • Charter of rights: No doubt he means the Socialist Shopping List of rights that the government will provide to people at someone elses expense.
  • Freedom: Because we were all slaves prior to EU entry no doubt.
  • Equality: Equality under the law? No I didn't think so.
  • Citizens rights: Again, did we used to have no rights?
  • Justice: You mean justice for nonces and murderers?
  • Single Market: Not this does not mean free trade which is what we really need. The single market is actually a set of rules about what you are and are not allowed to sell.
  • Freedom to travel: For those of you too young to remember, there was a barbed wire fence around the country and machine gun toting gestapo until we joined the EEC.
  • Identity: None of us knew who we were prior to entry.
  • Social Charter: Socialist stupidity that we could have brought into law ourselves had we really wanted to.
  • Peace: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
  • Power: EU = Power, you have been smoking something.
  • Force: May the force be with you.
  • CAP: Immoral, inefficient and incredibly expensive
  • Euro: A stupid political project with no real benefits to ordinary people.
  • Expansion: If you don't want the menu, why would you get happy about the supersized one?
  • Democracy: Again, the young may not remember but Britain was a facist tyranny in the 1960s
  • Invitation: Invitation to what, waste our money?
  • Change: Our so new labour, change is good change is your friend. Change for the sake of it is stupidity.
  • Security: No thanks, we've already got Nato. Forgive me my cynicism but with the exception of our old nemesis France, I don't see anyone substantial with the stomach to fight.
As usual, worthless platitudes are all that we get for our £40 Billion per year.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Your Children Are Our's

As if the current level of powers of meddling were not enough to explode the heads of Eurosceptics everywhere, they are coming for your children. I give you the European curriculum

A draft of the European Commission's recommendations sets out how European citizens should use their native languages, with knowledge of "basic vocabulary" and "functional grammar". The draft says citizens should have a "positive attitude towards communication in the mother tongue", based on a willingness to strive for "aesthetic qualities" and an interest in interaction with others.

Typical Eurospeak, full of platitudes that mean nothing. The real issue is that we should be considering allowing the EU to have even an opinion on education. After all the way it works is 1) Opinion, 2) Recommendation, 3) Area of interest, 4) Qualifies majority voting.

Don't give them an inch, or we will see a wholesale take over. Don't listen to me, a man of far more stature is saying the same thing.

Conservative higher education spokesman, Boris Johnson, described the government's support for the proposals as "madness" today.
Followed by:
"What we have here is the first attempt to use the European curriculum to create what the commission regards as its ultimate goal - a common European identity."
Glad someone else recognises their game.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Slovakia To Go Backwards

Unfortunately the new government of Slovakia is poised to undo much of the good work done by its predesessor.

Fico (Likely Prime Minister) has already pledged to scrap one of the key pieces of legislation introduced by Dzurinda’s government – a 19 per cent flat tax – which, along with low wage levels, has been credited with generating the high economic growth.
This just goes to show that we cannot count on the new members from the east to support liberal economic policies.

Our Dear Leader's Wisdom

One doesn't have to be a cynic to wonder why sworn enemies are offering you advice. The latest to do so is Our Dear Leader.

The Prime Minister warned the Tory leader of the danger of cutting ties with the moderate European People's Party. Mr Blair said the move could cost British jobs and important trade.
  1. The is nothing moderate about Federasts
  2. Is Our Dear Leader tacitly admitting that his own partners are socialist extremists, who would be strengthened if the EPP were no longer the biggest group?
  3. In what way can it have any impact on jobs & Trade? Are we going to vote against EPP proposals that we agree with just because we belong to another group?
I have never seen so many people out to offer us their wisdom over an issue that is none of their business. Why I wonder?

Monday, June 19, 2006

EU to be More Transparent?

The UK government has lost another battle in Brussels. However, this time, one has to ask why they wanted what they did.

European leaders have hammered out a plan to open up all ministerial meetings dealing with EU legislation.
This was something that his royal Blairness didn't want.
London complained about the package in the run-up to the summit, arguing that it risks leading to crucial negotiations on EU laws moving from the meeting rooms to the corridors.
Is this the reason, or do they wish to keep everything under wraps, so as to stifle opposition to their positions on various EU issues. I personally haven't yet made up my mind.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help for Hoon

Geoff Hoon needs your help.

On the eve of the EU summit in Brussels Britain’s new Minister of State for Europe Geoff Hoon called today for a new debate on Britain’s’ place in the EU
My Suggestion is as follows. Why not help Mr Hoon in his quest and email him at the following address: with you suggestions.

Britain’s’ place in the EU = Waving out the back window as we leave, or Britain’s’ place in the EU = Causing as much grief as possible

Depending of course on your viewpoint

Full of Great Ideas

That Wolfgang Schussel chappie, such a lark, brimming full of wonderful ideas:

In an interview with Germany's Bild am Sonntag, Mr Schussel said "I can well imagine a referendum that takes place simultaneously in all EU states. The constitution would be accepted if the majority of the European population and the majority of states approves it."
Marvelous isn't it. The Prime Minister of a member state is unaware of the gravity of his remarks. What he is suggesting is that the rules of the club can be changed without all the members agreeing. This would effectively set a precedent that would completely over rule nation states.

The entire population of a country could be against something but powerless to make it happen.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The EU to Bring us The Internet

No doubt they will get Al Gore to advise them on this.

Ministers of 34 European countries have endorsed a plan to bring internet technology to more people throughout Europe, setting e-Inclusion targets such as halving the gap in internet usage by groups at risk of exclusion, boosting broadband coverage to at least 90 per cent, and making all public web sites accessible by 2010.
Wonderful, I feel much happier now. All those poor folks who were hoping to perhaps find a job, will be given internet access instead.

The modern Marie Antoinette:

Let Them Watch Porn

Constitution faces a significant rewrite

So says the New Italian Premier.

Romano Prodi, kicking off his first official European tour with a stop in Austria, which holds the EU's rotating presidency, said the 25-nation bloc will not do anything major to resurrect the constitution until after France holds presidential elections next year.

Even then, "the constitution will not be the same" as the one rejected by French voters in May 2005, he said. "That is obvious."

What is also obvious is that given the cahnce we will reject that one as well. Which rather suggests that they will try to stop us geitting such a chance.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Coservative Partners

The recycling of lies continues.

But where would they sit if they went, turning their back on Germany's powerful CDU and the rest? Alongside Jean-Marie Le Pen and the wilder shores of rightwing idiocy?
Pray tell, when did anyone from the Conservative Party suggest sitting together with Le Pen?

Also please answer me this. Why is no-one attacking the Labour party for sitting in the same group as ex communists from the East. Le Pen may be an unpleasant chap, but he has never been in a position of running a tyranny. Some of Labour's friends have.

I Could Have Told You So

A piece of surprising news (for all of us that live on Mars).

Cyprus was threatening to use its right of veto over each stage in the accession process to prevent the Turks completing the first step in its EU marathon smoothly.
Thus is the intellectual bankruptcy of the EU's expansion process shown up for what it is.

Threatened with a Greek Veto, the EU allowed Cyprus into the fold without solving the issues surrounding the split of the island and Turkish occupation of the North. Once in, The Cypriots have predictably been loathe to compromise on anything, whilst out in the cold Turkey is much warmer towards proposed solutions.

We know that the EU has far more power to influence those countries wishing to be members than those already inside (excluding areas covered by QMV of course). So they should have pushed Cyprus and Turkey to the negotiating table before either of them were admitted. It was a chance spurned. Now the Cypriots are effectively taking control of the EU expansion process.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The EU Consulate

They are at it again.

The European Commission yesterday called for national governments to join it in shared diplomatic and consular facilities "inspired" by the idea of an EU diplomatic service.
They desperately want to undermine the view around the world of EU member states as nation states. They are also doing something else.
Such a service would have been created by the moribund EU constitution and in the absence of that treaty the commission wants action now to increase the EU's "visibility" worldwide.
Yes is cherry season and the EU is busy picking.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

EPP Divorce Back On

I'm getting dizzy from all this.

The Tories said that they will press ahead with plans to quit the main centre-right block in Europe to form a breakaway group, despite a probable split among the party’s MEPs.
Good news, I suppose. Until the next twist in the story maybe.

Too Much Wine

Our hard earned cash is often spent on wine, but not usually in this way.

The European Union (EU) member states on Wednesday nodded proposals from the EU executive European Commission to open crisis distillation of wine in France and Italy.
They are to buy vast quantities of wine and distill it into industrial alcohol.
The EU budget will pay the price for the wine to be distilled and the total cost is around 131 million euros
Perhaps we should consider not paying these farmers to produce the stuff in the first place.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Risks To Turkey

I read this article in The Business and was very impressed. For the first time I see that someone actually understands what is at stake in Turkey's EU accession.

By following its deeply held principles, the west may thus insist upon a religious/political freedom that could destroy the Turkish secular project. And, if worst comes to worst, it could lead to the real gathering of power by an Islamist government in Ankara.
This is my biggest worry concerning this issue. European's fail to understand the tenuous hold that secularism has in Turkey. Until the standard of education and level of income rise to a suitable level, meddling with the undemocratic institutions could be playing with fire. HT: Duff & Nonsense

Depressing News

Cameron seems to be backing away from his pledge.

David Cameron has re-opened Tory divisions over Europe by dropping a firm promise to pull Conservative Euro-MPs out of a federalist alliance in the European Parliament within a year of becoming leader.
The problem is linked to an argument between our Polish & Czech allies. They are refusing to work together. Personally I think we should have puılled out first and created our own group later. The only people who would have lost out would be the gravy train riding quislings who have gone native and no longer stand up for Britian's interests.

The Angela & Jacques Show

It doesn't matter who the individuals are and it matters not a jot what they say about their relationship with other countries. The German Chancellor and French President always see each other as the really important partner. Angela & Jacques are no different.

The leaders of France and Germany have agreed a new timetable for trying to revive the EU constitution setting 2008 as the year when decisions on the document should be taken.
They make their minds up and then try to strong arm everyone else into their plan. A bit like the CAP agreement.
At the informal bilateral meeting in Rheinsberg castle near Berlin on Tuesday, chancellor Angela Merkel said ""A functioning Europe needs this [constitutional] treaty"
Note to all those talking up Ms Merkel. She is wants to reform the EU so as to stop it crumbling. She is like Gorbachov in that respect and we should not be surprised when she makes statements supporting further integration. Nothing will ever shake this partnership and spending political capital to try is a complete waste of time.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What's it to You?

Compromise is apparently not possible over the issue of working hours.

London together with several "new" member states resisted attempts to remove the opt-out from the directive, while states like France and Sweden pressed for it to be scrapped.
The only rational response to the scrap is......What the hell do Sweden and France think they are trying to achieve? Why should such a decision be made at a European Level, and why do they care so much?

Czechs In Stalemate

We were hoping for a clear victory for the Civic Democrats. It was not to be.

Czech politicians are facing difficult coalition negotiations after the election created a parliament balanced equally between right and left.
Instead of getting a Conservative Eurosceptic government in The Czech Republic, we get a political nightmare of both sides effectively with equal seats.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tax Freedom Day

Your life becomes your own on Tax Freedom Day. You are no longer one of Gordon Brown's Serfs.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Police Answer to Foriegn Masters

Soveriegnty of our police forces is no longer.

The Government signed up to a European Evidence Warrant yesterday that gives foreign judges the power to send British police into a British home and seize evidence in connection with suspected crimes committed in other European Union nations.
Seeing as those suspected of serious crimes like terrorism can be dealt with under existing laws, what will this be used for?

My guess is that judges in countries such as France and Spain, whose role is very different to our judges, will use it to launch politically motivated witch hunts. (Remember Pinochet).

Why we would want to agree to it is beyond my comprehension.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Adieu EPP

This morning, I came across the following website. Adieu EPP states:

We believe that the Conservatives are badly done by with our present alliance with the European Peoples Party. We would be electorally, structurally and financially better off if we move out with our real ideological partners. At the same time, we would be able to keep a friendly though more distant association with Europe’s Christian Democrats, dealing with each other as good neighbours rather than as bad tenants.
As this is totally in keeping with my views on the EPP, I have gone and listed myself as a supporter.