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Monday, June 12, 2006

Coservative Partners

The recycling of lies continues.

But where would they sit if they went, turning their back on Germany's powerful CDU and the rest? Alongside Jean-Marie Le Pen and the wilder shores of rightwing idiocy?
Pray tell, when did anyone from the Conservative Party suggest sitting together with Le Pen?

Also please answer me this. Why is no-one attacking the Labour party for sitting in the same group as ex communists from the East. Le Pen may be an unpleasant chap, but he has never been in a position of running a tyranny. Some of Labour's friends have.


The Daily Pundit said...

Good point. The only oppostion coming from our lot seems to be from David Davis and a half hour spot by Cameron at PMQ's.

They've got all the resources you could wish for but when we're attacked on the EPP they don't have a rebuttal prepared. I'm starting to think they've either lost the plot, given up already, or simply don't have the balls for a fight.

dizzy said...

I do worry that just leaving will provide our opponenets with the ability to make this charge (however true it may or may not be). I'm sure the withdrawal will happen though.

David Webster said...

If we leave, we won't be sitting with anyone, therefore the EPP issue will be irrelevant. People need to be informed about Labour's commie background.

Our aim is to persuade Cameron to contest the next election on an out-of-europe stance, as opposed to a merely eurosceptic one. Then withdrawl must happen, dizzy.

dizzy said...

eek! I'm not a big fan of out-of-europe stance, it makes me nervous because it's too radical for my conservative sensibilties.

Chris said...

Whatever gives the Conservative Group the idea that they have influence or it can be enhanced either in or out of the EPP. The EU is not reformable any more than the EPP is. Half of the Conservative MEPs aren't interested in reform in any case. They just love the EPP as it is.

I am also tired of Conservative rhetoric at home not being matched by their voting in Brussels.

Serf said...

The EU is not reformable any more than the EPP is.

I agree, but I think we need to demonstrate that to the public in order to get what we really want.