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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Argument in a Nutshell

Timothy Garton Ash is one of those completely deranged people that fawn non stop over the European Union. He is more in love with it that Ken Clarke. So I was interested to see that in his latest piece he successfully showed why I hate the EU so much.

Take the list of things that many Europeans consider to be most characteristic of us - by contrast with the United States. We Europeans believe that the free market should be tamed by values of social justice, solidarity and inclusiveness, realised through a strong welfare state. We don't have capital punishment. We believe that military force should only be used as a last resort and with the sanction of international law. We support international organisations. We love multilateralism and abhor unilateralism. We tend to think that men and women should be able to live more or less as they please with whomever they please, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. We pride ourselves on our diversity.
Lets look at those carefully.
  1. Social justice, solidarity and inclusiveness are code word for screwing the taxpayer so that lefties can get useless jobs in the public sector.
  2. A strong welfare state, is the root of all evil
  3. We don't have capital punishment, but we have hordes of evil bastards that deserve the chop.
  4. Military force should only be used as a last resort and with the sanction of international law, equals, lets give China and Russia a veto over national interest.
  5. We love multilateralism and abhor unilateralism, which is why we do nothing but talk
  6. We tend to think that men and women should be able to live more or less as they please, which is why we have created tens of thousands of regulations to ensure that they don't stray from the prescribed path
  7. We pride ourselves on our diversity, except diversity of opinion.
You can take you horrible lefty vision and stuff it. I want to live in a free society where those in power are truly accountable to the people they lord it over. Where the government does as little as possible and individuals are free to choose their own way of life. However until we completely destroy the EU and the Marxist philosophy that runs it, I cannot see that happening.


Croydonian said...

Nice of TG-A to speak for all 460 million or so of us, isn't it?

In his defence, he wrote a couple of excellent books based on his reporting on matters central and eastern European in and around the time of the fall of the Wall.

Anonymous said...

Just to pick up on one point, capital punishment. This is very popular in the USA, and in Britain whenever a poll is taken never less than 60% of the people are in favour of it for murder. So much for democracy, our leaders know what is best for us.

John Coles said...

The only way that these Europhiles can define themselves is in opposition to the American way of life.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you get angry!

I couldn't agree with you more on all this.

Pavel Kohout said...

That's spot on! Europhiles love diversity of opinions as long as all these opinions are pro-EU.

FranceSucks said...

Good commentary Serfie. I just got back from former Yugoslavia and was appalled by their EU worship their. For our own survival we need to counter EU propaganda and disinformation about how the socialists created all of the prosperity we still enjoy and really tell them the truth that it was a pay out of free money from the Marshall Plan and what free enterprise that was allowed to exist that resulted in the current (although dropping) level of prosperity in the EU.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute load of bollocks.


The Nameless Libertarian said...

john coles and pavel kohout make interesting points - there is a lot of anti-American feeling in the Europhiles. Just as there is often a lot of anti-European in the Eurosceptics... Still, I would favour the US myself. After all they aren't robbing billions of pounds a year and throwing it into a political void - giving nothing back except pedantic regulations and a complete lack of accountability or trust...