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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sulking in the corner of Europe

Completely worthless comment from the Graniad on the subject of the EU:

Just ignore for one moment the pointless regulations, farce over the proposed constitution, and trade battles with the US. The EU has many faults, but José Manuel Barroso made some very good points in his Chatham House address.
Nice reasoning. Just ignore for one moment the holocaust, invasion of Poland , and his stupid mustache.........

You ask people to ignore the bad side of something whilst look at the good side? That said, he doesn't even lay out any advantages we have got from our membership.

I would go further and say that the UK's semi-detached stance vis-à-vis the union of which it has been a member for over 30 years is destructive for both the UK and Europe as a whole.
That, dear readers is the closest he gets to an argument in the entire piece. I think it has been bad, therefore it must have been. Like most Europhiles, his detailed knowledge is a little sketchy however:
When the UK is among those calling for more trade liberalisation, isn't it hypocritical for the (British) trade commissioner to be seen enthusiastically defending such a crude and unwarranted protectionist measure?
Its another reason to hate him, but he is actually doing what is expected of him Peter Mandelson is not a British Commissioner, so much as a commissioner who happens to be British. It is no more than his job description demands.


Chris Palmer said...

Mandelson probably doesn't seem himself as 'British' but 'European.'

Never go to the Guardian and expect to find a well argued piece of journalism... or any real facts either.

Anonymous said...

The sooner Brown gets into power the better don't you think Serf?