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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Core

I know the constitution is a completely boring subject, but this story's headline caught my eye.

The European Commission is starting to take a position in the expected re-negotiations of the EU constitution, with communication commissioner Margot Wallstrom saying the "core" of the current text should be the "departure point."
So my rhetorical question is this:

Should a constitution have any parts to it that are not core, and if so what is the point of a constitution?


James Higham said...

Hardly boring, for to employ your own term 'core', it is central to everything we may and may not do. Quite core.

Anonymous said...

The key point is that the CDU in Germany is disintegrating. Both the SPD and CDU are losing members, but the CDU is losing them to the FDP and a moe free market stance.

Most Germans know this statist model is dying and I don't think Germany has any motove power left to push anything forward.

The Chancellor has just junked Steinmeier's draft policy on Be Nice To I don't think the EU is going anywhere.................and with France fighting the Barbary Pirates around the major cities I don't think that will be stable much longer

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Lib Dem MPE Andrew Duff wants the constitutional document revisited and completed and is urging the 25 member states to do so. He has published these views in a pamphlet published by the think-tank Notre Europe.