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Monday, July 10, 2006

Dead Africans are No Problem

We all know that the CAP (Cruelty to Africans Policy) is immoral and makes the poor suffer. Not content with that, Environmental rules are responsible for closing down a charity.

A highly-responsible charity that helps to save thousands of lives in Africa faces possible criminal prosecution, thanks to the bizarre interpretation of EC waste rules by officials of the Environment Agency, who prefer to see valuable medicines buried in landfill rather than put to use in Africa.
Note this seems to be a combination of stupid EU regulations and Officious Idiots. The charity has this to say:
As a result of legal action against Inter Care by the Environment Agency we are in the process of suspending all activities involving collection and screening of returned prescription medicines as they, allegedly, contravene environmental protection legislation. The legal fees incurred in fighting this prosecution threaten to bankrupt us.
We have gone from a law abiding nations, whose laws were designed for our benefit, to a lawless society whose laws are apparently for the benefit of no-one.

The reason for this is that a generation of politicians has been too stupid to understand our Common Law system and have instead imposed an inferior one courtesy of the EU. The common law ideals worked well against the jobs worths who wish to spoil our lives. Why on earth did we have to downgrade?

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Anoneumouse said...

Once a year I empty my cupboards of accumulated tined food items for the local Harvest Festival. Although still usable and within its use by date, is this a charitable giving or 'waste'