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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Help, I Agree With MacShane

I am in a somewhat delicate state, having just read the old traitor Denis MacShane and agreed with what he said.

Germany can now wave its red-yellow-and-black flag as proudly as France waves the tricolour, or Americans plant the star-spangled banner, everywhere. To love one's country is no longer a sin between the Rhine and the Elbe.
Despite what the Federasts would love to believe, Serf is most definitely not someone who hates Germans. I have visited Germany a number of times and enjoyed the experience. I especially enjoyed the sausages and beer.

I do however have one question for Mr MacShane, a little thing that is niggling at the back of my mind. You see, I too believe that everyone has the right to be a flag waving patriot, and yet there are some countries that still do not have that right. What does he think about this, or this, does he agree with this train of thought?

It is just that Europhiles seem to be anti English / British rather than representing some continental love in.


Anonymous said...

No doubt if you were to wave your SEEDA (or whatever local undemocratic "region" you live in) flag, that would be OK.

England is a dirty word - much like "pound" which the EU has been trying to destroy too.

FranceSucks said...

You brits really do have a blood fued with Germans. I wonder what europe would look like if the Americans had had the sense to stay out of WWI. Kind of like jews against germans (and in my opinion anyone vaguely resenbling germans which pretty much includes all of europe, N. America, Australia and New Zealand) your brainwashing seems to start at a very young age.

dizzy said...

errr.. the American had no impact on WW1? They joined in the last year or so, and most of their men were still in transit by the time the war eneded. In fact, most of them died of cholera.

Serf said...

You brits really do have a blood fued with Germans.

We don't have a problem with them, they started both those wars. Britain historically had no friends or enemies, only interests. The Germans simply made the same mistake twice in one century. They challenged our interests.

Anonymous said...

They may have started both wars,(I doubt the detail in this)but they didn't start both wars with us.

I think you're struggling mr. serf.


FranceSucks said...

1) My american brainwashing indoctrinated me to believe that the US involvement tipped the balance in favor of the UK. The war would have been more of a stalemate instead of the Treaty of Versailles when it ended.

2) The Treaty of Versailles led directly to the rise of Hitler with good reason in my opinion as the terms were intolerable much like the ones Israel is imposing on the palestinians (you reap what you sow.)

3) The americans dictated the peace after WWII and didn't trust the UK and France again so as not to repeat the same mistake.

4) I don't give anyone the moral high road for WWI. You bias towards your own country is from your state funded education.

AntiCitizenOne said...


So if the Soviets invaded a NATO country, we'd be OK to not respond?

It is you that is vastly out of your depth, and it shows.

Serf said...

but they didn't start both wars with us.

May be not, but they could have guessed the consequences.

WW1: The neutrality of Belgium
WW2: The protection of Poland

We had treaty obligations and we wouldn't have signed them if we didn't believe that there was an good reason to do so.

Anonymous said...

I'm out of my depth? In your dreams.

UKIP/BNP/anti Europeans are NIMBY's.

How does that square with launching a war upon someone who hasn't launched similar?

You are arguing the wrong argument.


AntiCitizenOne said...


we want to trade with the entire world, not the failing socialist backwater that is the eurozone.

How is that NIMBYist.

You are SO out of your depth.

Anonymous said...

The US did zip in WW1 aside from force the Spring Offensives by Germany in an attempt to win the war quick in 1918, probably shortening the war by about a year. However, by 1918, Germany was finished, finito, gone, no more people left to feed into battle. It was only a matter of time by then.

In 1918 most advances were made by French/British forces, the military presence of the AEF was comparatively small. You can have a gander at the map on of the frontline at the end of the war and see the tiny postage stamp of land (the Argonne Forest) held by the AEF if you don't believe me. The whole Meuse-Argonne offensive was about covering the flank of the main thrust, which was actually French.

as for teaching about WW1 in school, you have to be joking. You think Brit schools teach about WW1? I wish.

Mercian Crusader said...

Reading the original posting I think the comments point has drifted somewhat.
The point trying to be made was that England is being denied by powers both at home (Westminster) and abroad (Brussels) to be its own country and wave its own flag.
Buck toothed, slack jawed, banjo playing liberals and politicians keep saying it's racist to fly the St George's cross or even think of England.
We as a people are fighting against this stereotyping and are using Germany and France as good examples.
Both World Wars are behind us (although the EU would like to change them to civil wars) a new fight is on our hands and that is to maintain soveriegnty of our own countries and not hand power over mindless, unelected, unnaccounatble beauroucrats with no thought other than their own self servile needs.