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Friday, July 07, 2006

EU Slogan

As has been mentioned here before, the EU needs a new slogan. The Guardian is asking for ideas. Some of my favourites were:

  1. Don't call us, we'll rule you
  2. "Throwing good money after bad since 1992".
  3. "Bureaucracy is enlightenment"
  4. "Peace in our Time" - with Neville Chamberlain's picture on the flag.
  5. "Robbing Peter to pay Paolo"


FranceSucks said...

Two feet bad four feet good?


It is not mine to question why? (I always liked that one).

FranceSucks said...

"REFORMUN: "Peace in our Time" - with Neville Chamberlain's piture on the flag."

Priceless! This entry wins as far as I'm concerned.

That gets my vote too although Allah Akbar was a good one.

wonkotsane said...

The EU is good, the EU is great, surrender your will as of this date.

Ross said...

Given the EU's record on employment how about- "Mr Brussel, hates the jobs you love"

Anonymous said...

The EU - From Maasdam to Maastrict. Cheesy treaties since 1992.

Cannot beat Ross F's one though.

Anonymous said...

None racists united.

Left wing 1 right wing 0.


FranceSucks said...

from "honni soit qui mal y pense"

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Two feet bad, four feet good

Tsk. Tsk. It's "two feet bad, 61 centimetres good".

Valerie said...

I'm sure the Czechs would tell you what to do with your Chamberlain comparison.

Tapestry said...

Euronation for beginners.

Ronnie Horesh said...

The EU: Regulations 'R' Us

AntiCitizenOne said...

One EU, One volk, one Transnational Socialism.

La Boeurg: la Resistance cest futile

One Ring of Stars to rule them all, One Ring of Stars to find them, One Ring of Stars to bring them all and in the EU bind them."