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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Though Shalt Not Offend Threatening Bullies

The Foreign Ministers of EU member states, added a new commandment to the Aquis Communitaire yesterday:

"Freedom of expression should be exercised in a spirit of respect for religious and other beliefs and convictions. Mutual tolerance and respect are universal values we should all uphold,"
Now call me a Fascist if you will, but personally I have had enough of this “Respect” thing. If someone belongs to the Flat Earth Society, do I have to respect his belief? What about a communist, who defends the worst of Stalin’s atrocities? What is different about a religious belief, from any other? I respect everyone’s right to have beliefs different to my own, I tolerate idiots and bigots spout nonsense about the topic of their choosing. But respect? You have to earn that. Meanwhile, though upsetting people is not allowed, using cash extorted from taxpayers to fund terrorist organisations is fine. Did someone rewrite the rules of the universe while I wasn’t looking?

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