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Monday, February 27, 2006

Get Them Young, Keep them for life

Anyone who thinks that letting the state loose on our kids is a good idea, obviously doesn't read the list of subjects that NEED to be added to the cirriculum, coming from pressure groups of all types. Education is politicised and gets more so all the time. The latest to jump on the Bandwagon? Jacque Chirac:

Lessons on the European Union to give secondary school pupils in all 25 member states an "apprenticeship" as Europeans, are being proposed
The First Crook of the Republic is not content to steal our cash, he also wants to steal our children.
The proposal is one of more than a dozen drawn up by President Jacques Chirac's government to create new "momentum" with a "Europe of projects". French officials hope that some could be brought to fruition in the coming months using existing EU treaties.
No doubt the British Government will put up a stiff war of words before totally capitulating. I would love to introduce a course "The State is a Parasite" to all schools in Europe, I'm sure it would be of much more value, but then of course as The State is in control of the Department of Juvenile Brainwashing, I doubt I could get it accepted.

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