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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Terrorists Saved From Bankruptcy

There are few areas of business that Middle Eastern countries are true world leaders in. It is therefore a great decision on behalf of the EU to support the one sector in which the region has a true global competitive advantage.

The European Union yesterday offered £83 million to help the Palestinian Authority despite the recent election victory by terror group Hamas.
Fans of exploding teenagers everywhere will be heartened by this. Unfortunately not all of this money will be available for purchasing semtex, much will be paid to UN or other third party programmes.
Around £11.9 million would go to the Palestinian Authority to "relieve the pressure on the caretaker government" and help pay salaries.
I’m sure that the Hamas supporters who are to replace all the existing workers will be very happy to hear this. In fact, it could fund innovative programmes to reallocate workers to other duties. Exploding in restaurants being one of them.

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