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Friday, October 28, 2005

Useless Loser Gives Valueless Advice

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. We will miss him won’t we. Whenever my ranting about Our Dear Leader, becomes so foam flecked that I am about to choke, I remember dear Gerhard, and thank the almighty that I am not German. A man who has spent 7 years in power achieving absolutely nothing, is not necessarily the best person to turn to for advice. That won’t stop him sharing his useless opinion at every opportunity though.
European policy should create conditions that allow citizens to enjoy "freedom, prosperity and social justice," he declared.
What like in stagnant, unemployed Germany, Gerhard?
Schroeder urged the EU to “stick to its convictions” by promoting social Europe and rejecting the Anglo-Saxon model.
Leave aside the fact that Gordon Brown is in the process of doing just that, is there any reason why the most successful of the large developed economies of the EU should swap its way of doing business, for that of its failing neighbours? Gerhard, we had 35 years of the European social model. The result? Stagnation, unemployment, union blackmail. Sound familiar? Going back there is not an option.

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