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Monday, October 31, 2005

Bye Bye Red Double Decker

Do you know why London’s iconic buses are being taken out of service? EU Regulations, that’s why. It’s unfortunate really because they are far better than the horrible things that are replacing them.
Anyone who knows about RM buses can tell you why they are the world's most ergonomically designed city bus, with a suspension system superior to all others and an engine separate to the bodywork which can be repaired in half the time. And how they run roughly one-third faster than buses without conductors. They will also tell you why LT's statement that they are "past their useful life" is simply untrue.
I saw a talking head from London transport on BBC, telling us that the rise in passenger numbers that coincides with the new buses introduction is proof that they are popular. The congestion charge and the resultant increase in efficiency of the bus service is not in anyway a factor? Thanks to Peter Briffa for the link.

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