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Friday, October 28, 2005

Uncouth Behaviour Spreading

We can always rely on Jacques Chirac to make public demonstrations of his lack of upbringing. However, as mothers all over the world fear, one bad egg can be a very damaging influence on those around him.
Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker has criticised Britain’s organisation ahead of the Hampton Court summit. According to reports in the French press, Juncker called the summit “the most badly organised ever”.
Now we expect disagreements over policy, but this is a comment that even the great yobbo Chirac himself would think twice about making. It’s a clear insult (Insulting TB is our job, not foreign dignitaries). What makes this outburst really pathetic however is the reason behind it.
Juncker criticised Blair for scuppering an agreement on the next EU budget at the June summit organised by Luxembourg.
Blair upset Juncker’s plans, so in return he makes a personal remark. To think that to its fans, the EU is all about peace and harmony. Somebody should tell the federasts before they throw another tantrum.

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