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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We Need Euroleaders

So goes the plea from our favourite Moon Bats at New Europeans.
For those who really want a stronger and more democratic Europe, the birth of at least a few credible euro-parties should be an obvious step.
But they stubbornly resist being born. Why should this be?
Some of those difficulties are naturally linked to the scale and diversity of the European continent.
  • Languages are an additional burden for any europarty.
  • There is no real trans-european media
Funny how these problems have failed to wake them up to the reality: There is no Trans European issues that anyone cares about, there is no trans-European electorate, there is no reason in fact for a Trans-European party to exist, other than to support or oppose the EU. Which brings us to the crunch issue. If there is no demand for trans-European parties, does that not undermine the existence of the EU itself. After all if the electorate see no European issues for them to worry about, then how come the EU manages to find so much to do? Sorry I forgot, the people are stupid and ignorant.

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