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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wannabe Tyrants

The feedback on the BBC website about the ban on certain supplements would be hilarious if it were not so frustrating. Whenever something is banned, all the little tyrants line up to congratulate the slave masters for tightening our chains. First the those who agree that these things were destroying our lives:
So much "outrage" and "how ludicrous" - get a grip. People abuse these things and end up in hospital. Matt, Blackpool, UK I can only welcome the decision. I know so many people who simply ignore the guidelines and take as much as they like. Mary McCannon, Budapest, Hungary Yes. Most people see these supplements as perfectly safe alternatives to pharmaceutical products. However, they are not completely free of side-effects or problems and therefore need these controls. Chris, Manchester, UK I know someone who takes 10-15 different vitamins and herbs twice daily just because she does not clearly understand the meaning of 'daily requirement'. Asrul A Shafie, Cardiff, UK
These are the people who applaud the idea of the precautionary principle, because the government is there to stop anything nasty happening to us. The fact that most of what is nasty happens because of the state is lost on them. Then we have the “I think they are useless” brigade. These are even more dangerous. Because they sneer at those who use supplements, they basically don’t care that they are banned.
Our local "health" shop stocks products that read like the periodic table of elements. It's far better to eat a healthy diet than to rely on supplements; then there is no need to take doses of selenium, chromium, zinc etc. Peter CS, UK Who needs a 100% supplement of every vitamin anyway? Most of that excess vitamins and minerals get flushed out of your system anyway. Erik, UK
I personally think that synchronised swimming, reading Barbara Cartland and taking part in battle re-enactments are a useless waste of time. I can’t believe that people waste their money on Fashion magazines, new Mobile Telephones every 3 months and gambling. However, I am quite happy to leave those people who violently disagree with me on these issues to live their lives in the way they choose. Just because these things are not important to me, I have no wish to ban them. Live and let live. Unfortunately, the EU supported by an army of wannabe Tyrants, thinks otherwise.

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