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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Schengen Postponed

Sarkozy is at it again, making the news.
France has activated a clause in the Schengen open borders agreement enabling it to reintroduce border controls within the European Union, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said.
Following the terror attack in London, the French would like to know who is coming in and out of their country. Schengen is something that bemuses me a little. I love the idea of free movement of people, but having no border controls seems a little bit extreme. I flew into Norway from Germany a week ago. The last time I visited a few years back, they treated my wife like a drug smuggler, despite her having a valid visa. Our bags were X-Rayed and we were made to feel like pariahs. This time? They didn’t even know we were in the country. So My wife, who four years ago was obviously a threat to national security, can now enter the country with a visa given by a third country. Border controls cannot stop home grown terrorists from killing and maiming, but who’s to say that all terror attacks will be from within.

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