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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Planet Europhile

One of my favourite websites is New Europeans an online magazine run by the wackiest Europhiles one could hope to find anywhere. Their output of crackpot federalism makes the Guardian look like a credible and balanced media source. It could almost be a parody. The latest piece of wisdom from these enlightened souls is on the root causes of terrorism. Franck Biancheri, federast in chief is worried about Tony Blair’s tone.
What seems to me more and more worrying is European politicians talking a language based on irrationality, playing with people’s fears and feelings, and refusing to acknowledge any responsibility whatsoever in what is happening to their country, to the world.
Apart from the obvious fact that the entire EU project which he loves so much is based on irrationality and playing with people’s fears, what could he mean?
What is a European ‘democratic’ leader such as Tony Blair doing when talking about an ‘ideology of evil’?
Ok so he doesn’t like the world evil, it’s so condemning a word. He prefers the weasel words of European Cowards who surrender at the first sign of trouble and blame the entire world’s problems on us. As for what he's doing, he is exercising his right to free speech.
He sounds like any typical fundamentalist mullah condemning the ‘Great Satan’, rather than like a European democratic leader.
Except that the Mullah is condemning democracy and capitalism, whilst Mr Blair is condemning the slaughter of innocent people. No wonder our arguments don’t work on these people, they are stupid.
(Our Dear Leader) is trying to portrait the world in a ‘black and white’ vision.
That’s probably because there is no shades of grey when it comes to murdering innocent people, Franck.
What fuel terrorism on a bigger scale than ever is exactly what is missing into Tony Blair’s ‘passionate speeches’: the scores of Iraqi civilians killed daily in Iraq.
Which may be true. If it is however it neatly illustrates why there is no logical reason (neither is there a moral one) for trying to reason with these terrorists. Because Franck, it’s the same people killing all those civilians in Iraq. So if Islamic terrorists are protesting the death of civilians in Iraq they are protesting against themselves. They should just blow themselves up without harming anyone else.
While the overwhelming majority of Europeans expect their leaders to work on the very roots of terrorism, essentially anchored in the lack of democracy within Arab states and their consequent amazing internal wealth disparity, Tony Blair keeps on trying the only single motive to his (and G.W. Bush’s) actions: oil.
You have not listened to a single word that George Bush or his cabinet have ever uttered have you. The Bush doctrine, whether you agree or not is irrelevant, is based on the spread of democracy. It is a repudiation of the old idea that stability is all that is important, which led to the West supporting Dictators and Tyrants, just because they were “on our side”. So what is his great plan?
This is why tomorrow’s Europe course cannot not be defined by apprentice preachers plagued by the sins of greed (for money), gluttony (for oil) and pride (for knowing better than anybody else), don’t you think pious Tony and pious George?[2] It must come from a common European vision, rooted in our principles and articulated as a long term strategy, using our hundreds of years of relationship with the Muslim world.
He has none. What he says means absolutely nothing. What it probably means is lets not rock the boat and hope the bastards don’t attack us. I dislike Our Dear Leader with a passion. I think he is a vandal who understands nothing about the country of which he is leader. That said I would never swap him for any of the spineless leaders of our European neighbours. Well at least now that Aznar is no longer an option. Its people like Mr Biancheri who want us to have a common foreign policy. What for, so we can surrender together at the first sign of trouble, all 450 Million of us.

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