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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Meeting of the Chosen Ones

Not able to wait until 2007 to get together, Heirs to the Thrones of Germany and France have been setting out their vision for the future of the European Empire.
Angela Merkel, the German opposition leader, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French presidential hopeful, on Tuesday found common cause on the need to relaunch the Franco-German relationship, reform the European social model and stop Turkey gaining full membership of the European Union.
After Lunch the will solve world hunger, bring peace to Sudan and help the English Cricket team to beat Australia. Seriously though, these two have been feted as the future of the EU. They have been seen as the allies that Tony Blair needs to change the focus of the EU to make it more free market and less socialist. Their comments show that its not that simple. For the Motion:
Mr Sarkozy suggested the Franco-German relationship needed to engage Britain, Spain and Italy more regularly.
Against the Motion:
Mrs Merkel said: “All initiatives taken must be open to all European countries, but France and Germany must be the engine of these initiatives.”
Given that these two are setting themselves up as bosom buddies, I think that Mr Blair (or Mr Brown) may find themselves once again on the outside. Nothing is going to change so let’s not get excited. Sarkozy meanwhile is profiled in the latest Foreign Policy magazine.

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