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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Left's Agenda

The success of Left wing parties in the referenda in France and The Netherlands to energise the No campaign has lead to strong calls from the left for an EU in their image. For those of us that see the EU as far too left wing already, its quite scary.

A new agenda for the EU must put social security and the creation of jobs first. It must make totally clear that the provision of public services is not a matter for the market forces. And it must put much more focus on securing the environment by having high common standards.
Apart from the fact that Social Security and Job Creation go together like a Fox and Chickens, there is already far too much emphasis in the EU on security.
In some areas these reforms would mean stronger common regulations at an EU level. In other areas it will be necessary to roll back EU integration.
Those stronger regualtions will be in areas that the EU already has too much say, whilst the areas for roll back will be the single market, the only logical reason for the EU to exist in the first place. (Not that I buy that particular argument either) If the left gets their way, we will be worse off than if the wretched treaty was accepted in the first place.

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