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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No Stopping Luxembourg Now

Man of the People, Juncker, is determined to do his bit to try and save the Constitution.
Luxembourg parliament on Monday agreed to stick to the original plan of holding a referendum on the EU constitution on July 10 despite a decision by EU summit to extend the ratification deadline to no fixed date.
Maybe he thinks that the weight of a Luxembourg Yes Vote, would make other countries think twice before rejecting it. It’s a big gamble though:
Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, who overwhelmingly supports the EU charter has said he will resign if voters reject the charter.
Which is not beyond the realm of possibility.
Following the French and Dutch "no" on the EU charter, a surveyof June 9 showed that opposition to the treaty had risen to 45 percent in Luxembourg from 41 percent in May, while support declined to 55 percent from 59 percent.
So mark the 10th of July in your diary. If they vote yes, its insignificant, if the vote no, its another victory for our side. We have nothing to lose.

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